Best Music Promotion Platform In Nigeria

9 months ago

Over the years we have seen how upcoming music artist struggle to get a good music promotion platform some get lucky to fine the right one why others are not so lucky.



Today we are going to give you reasons why you should let handle your music promotion from start to finish. ,is a talents discovery promotion and management agency that have given a lot of upcoming talents a platform to be heard

Some of the talents who came into lime light through showitnaija is the current miss Globe beauty  queen Dorothy,Cassie Daniel who also participated in the beauty pageant and came second.

Deejay Solar, solar was discovered on showitnaija platform and was picked as a Deejay for one of of the largest gospel music  marketers in Africa,

Till date Deejay solar has been enjoying fame and connecting to some top people in the Industry.

Back to music artist and song promotion


Showitnaija has been able to design a  good music promotion plan for music artist

From local blogs to digital stores which gives artist 70% proceeds from sale of music,taking artist on a media tour ,submission of music to radio stations a cross the country  for airplay,

Distributing to streets marketers in Alaba international markets which ensures that street distribution covers 30 states in Nigeria,

Some of the music artist whose  music is currently enjoying online and street recognition is ifeayi k the YAHWEH crooner .

NICK V ,you turn my life around

DOUBLEEDGE,imela has successfully promoted a large number of music artist who have enjoyed massive downloads of their songs and good invitations for performance.








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