Video- Must Watch Regina Daniels’ Ex Somadina Adinma Speaks Out

1 year ago
  • Pls Regina move on with your life oo
    Your skin is too fresh to have sport on it pls😘😘😘

    Nancy May 2, 2019 9:44 am Reply
  • and it’s truly nobody’s business..
    if she is married to a billionaire is it ur concern? if she is no longer with Somadina y should u guys be bugging the guy..
    do u guys know what lies ahead??
    I think everyone should just stay on their path and move on with their life’s than sniffing into other people’s privacy..

    Ezinwa Favour Vanessa May 8, 2019 12:55 pm Reply
    • Thanks for your observation

      showitnaija4422 July 3, 2019 9:04 am Reply

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