Let’s Help You Sell Your Music Today

9 months ago

Gone are the days when music artist give the public their music to listen or download for free,
We can help you make money from your craft.

Music artist can now sell their music on digital stores and make money from it,
70% from the sells of your music will be credited to your account with no stress.

Showitnaija.com.ng has help a lot of music artist get their music on those big platforms and believe me they are really yielding the profit already.

You too can start making money from your music today stop waiting for tomorrow .

Showitnaija is also known for their aggressive street music promotion which covers 30 states in Nigeria,
Including taking artist on a media tour,
And also getting them a potential music marketer to sign a profitable marketing deals.

We ensure that artist under our promotion get good deals

1 We give personal approach to all artist promotion .

2 we guide artist not to make mistakes when planning their music promotion.

3 when we promote artist get feedback from the public.

4 promoting with us can open doors of invitation for shows or any form of gathering where musical entertainment is needed.

5 we monitor the public reaction to your music and tell you.

6 Getting a label or a marketer becomes easy for artist cos our promotion is 100%

7 we five you a good social media presence.

8 we submit your music to Radio stations In Nigeria and TV stations.

Whatsapp 07033788441
Email showitnaija247@gmil.com


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